Flowers in pure and synthetic leather


Leather ribbons are used in clothing and fashion accessories, both as reinforcing fabric and decorative elements for creating hems, laces, bows.

Leather flowers are used to embellish fashion items, to personalize a hat, or to create hair clips, to change the look of a garment radically, with imagination and taste.

The high quality of the materials used, theintertwined weave and the different colours in which these originalhaberdashery accessories make BARIG S.R.L. the ideal supplier for any fashion creation.

Decoration in leather for fashion accessories, footwear and leather industry 

lavorazioni tessili

Haberdashery is also used to create handbags, wallets, and leather fashion accessories. The company manufactures and sells wholesale, synthetic leather bows and suede rosettes for the fashion and footwear industries. The leather articles listed in our vast catalogue are the perfect detail for original coats, jackets and other fashionable garments, and are chosen by many Italian and foreign clothing stores.

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