Haberdashery for upholstery, decoration and interiors

On the basis of shape and diameter, the piping can be used for any kind of finishing: pillow edges, sofa trim, curtain wrap, details for clothing, upholstery and linens. For the clothing sector we not only produce piping but also other types of fabrics for sealing: such as the bands with fins to facilitate the stitching and the insertion into the fabric, but also fabrics for laces and bows, and the fastenings to apply to a cardigan or a uniform.  

The range of cord produced and sold by BARIG S.R.L. is vast, able to adapt to any customer needs:

• Braids in different colours;

• cords for gilt or silvery curtains;

• cord for Favours,

• edges, ribbons for finishes;

• braid in synthetic and natural fibres;

• cord for chairs and furnishing accessories such as pillows and curtains.

Our major customers are from the textile, clothing, but also upholsterers sectors who choose the quality and reliability of a solid company and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

We sell throughout Italy, thanks to quick and fast shipments please contact our head office on 055 8953103 or fill in the form for quotes and custom requests.


Cord for handbags or technical textiles

BARIG S.R.L. produces trimmings for curtains, for custom-made packaging, offering a non-resilient weave and perfectly match the technical requirements of the buyer, but also in a combination of colours. We support our clientele in the development of the right bands to used in the production of technical textiles. We deliver throughout Italy. Companies from neighbouring regions, Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Umbria, may apply for pick-up at our sites. Deliveries are also carried out throughout Europe and the Middle East.

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